Watch: iKON’s Bobby Pays A Surprise Visit To Fan And Eats Chicken And Beer Together

iKON’s Bobby gave a sweet and special present to an unsuspecting fan who had a long day working at a bakery.

On June 16, Dingo Studios uploaded a new episode of “Well Done Again Today,” where iKON’s Bobby pays a surprise visit to a fan and eats chicken and beer together.

Bobby’s fan, who had a tiresome day dealing with rude customers, is perplexed to see Bobby at her workplace. Bobby says, “I’m here to help you leave work,” and helps his fan clear away the store.

After closing the bakery, the two stop by a convenience store to buy some snacks and drinks. Bobby shows off his skills at cooking ramyun, then the two move to the Han River to feast on delivery chicken and beer.

As the two share the food, Bobby asks his fan if she has any troubles in her life. She answers that it is difficult studying and working part-time jobs while having no time to rest.

Bobby shared that he once took a vacation during his trainee days and got complimented by Yang Hyun Suk that he improved after the trip. He advises his fan that it is sometimes helpful to take a big rest.

After their short treat at Han River, Bobby walks his fan home and gives her iKON’s signed CD and t-shirt as a gift. Before parting ways, he cheers on his fan by telling her, “You’ve done well again today.”

Watch the video below!