CJ E&M’s Head Of Music Content Department Talks About “Produce 101 Season 2” Success And Overcoming Initial Criticism

CJ E&M’s Head of Music Content Department, Shin Hyeong Gwan, took to Facebook to look back on “Produce 101 Season 2’s” success and dealing with initial backlash from others.

On June 17, Shin Hyeong Gwan left a lengthy post on Facebook to reflect on the production of “Produce 101 Season 2.” He opened the post by writing, “Many talented creators often say this: ‘When I first talked about [my] idea, everyone said it wouldn’t work out and that it didn’t make sense. They told me I would fail 100 percent if I did it.'”

He continued, “But all memorable projects are results of fighting back against countless doubts and attacks. We faced a lot of adversity before the start of this season, but looking back, I think it helped us grow and guided us toward a better path.”

He thanked the staff and trainees who made the program possible. He wrote, “Thank you to all the producers and of course the trainees.” He also mentioned, “Thank you to all the staff and advertisers who supported us, songwriters who wrote for us, national producer representative BoA, and all the instructors. I promise to pay it back.”

Shin Hyeong Gwan did not forget to thank the national producers too, writing, “I will keep in my heart all the advice from the national producers who sent us ‘super hot’ support, and continue to develop better projects.”

He also mentioned that he was impressed by the imagination and passion of national producers when he found the popularity of fancams, views on TV Cast, as well as subway and bus advertisements created by national producers. He ended the post by saying, “You’re the Inspiration.”

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