NU’EST To Make A Four-Member Comeback

It looks like NU’EST may be making a comeback in the near future!

On June 19, their agency Pledis Entertainment released an official statement regarding NU’EST, saying, “We want to say thank you to all the national producers who have given so much love to Jong Hyun, Min Hyun, Min Ki, and Dong Ho for the past four months on ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ and to all the fans who have supported their decision [to appear on the show].

“As you all know, Min Hyun will be promoting as a member of Wanna One until December 31, 2018. He will work hard to pay back all the love that you have given him.

“Meanwhile, Jong Hyun, Min Ki, Dong Ho, and Aron will be getting ready to see fans again. We haven’t made any concrete plans yet because Jong Hyun, Min Ki, and Dong Ho need to get some rest first, but we will try to have the four members return as soon as possible.

“The past five years were a bit rough for Jong Hyun, Min Hyun, Min Ki, Dong Ho, and Aron, but we will make sure their [years of hard work] don’t go to waste. We will put in all our effort so that they’ll have happy days ahead of them. Thank you again for all the love you have given to these five members.”

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