9MUSES Reveals Fun 1st Place Promise For New Album “Identity”

At their comeback showcase on June 19, 9MUSES revealed a first place promise for their upcoming mini album “Identity.”

When a reporter asked about their first place promise, they replied, “We don’t usually prepare a first place promise, but since we were given this opportunity, we’ll think of one.”

They continued, “Double speed and triple speed dances are popular these days. If we win first place, we will dance at double speed during our encore stage.”

Geumjo piped in to add, “That’s not enough. We’ll raise the pitch of the song two keys and sing it that way,” and Kyungri expressed her hopes to get first place, saying, “All we’re hoping for is an opportunity to do all of this.”

9MUSES will reveal their new album “Identity” and title track “Remember” on June 19 at 6 p.m. KST.

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