Soompi Gayo Awards Voting 2012

Once again, it’s time to cast our votes for the best artists of the year! For the first time, we’ve added Netizen Awards for the most popular male groups, female groups, male soloists, and female soloists, determined wholly by your votes. These votes will also help determine our Artist of the Year (50%), while the other 50% will be based on the singers’ accumulated chart scores from our weekly Soompi Music Charts.

Please vote for your top 3 artists — 1st choice gets 5 votes, 2nd choice gets 3 votes, and 3rd choice gets 1 vote. Just drag your favorites to the star with the number of votes you want, and click VOTE (example)! You may vote once every 24 hours, so come back every day! ^^v. Read all about this year’s nominees here.

Do not create fake accounts to vote more than once a day! We’ll be keeping a close eye on the votes, so please don’t cheat <3.

* Our apologiesB.A.P was mistakenly included in the voting for Artist of the Year, which is limited to artists that have been in the industry for at least a year, and has been removed. Thanks to everyone who voted for them, and sorry again for the confusion.