Here’s How To Vote “Twitter Best Fandom” In The 14th Annual Soompi Awards

Welcome to Twitter Best Fandom voting in the 14th Annual Soompi Awards!

As you may know, Soompi Awards – an annual celebration of all things K-pop and K-drama – is back for the 14th year, which means one thing: it’s almost time to vote for Best Fandom again!

As with the previous years, votes will be determined based ONLY on voting from Twitter in two 24-hour periods.

Round One

March 2, 8PM KST to March 3, 8PM KST

Round Two

March 16, 8PM KST to March 17, 8PM KST.

You can vote by tweeting both #Team______ (insert K-pop group name into the blank) and #TwitterBestFandom.The official Soompi account will be retweeting Tweets tagged with #SoompiAwards, so please sure to include it in your tweets as well!

This year, we’re also officially collaborating with Twitter again to make this award category bigger and better  tweeting #SoompiAwards and #TwitterBestFandom during Best Fandom will once again trigger very special Twitter emojis.

But wait, there’s more! For the first time Soompi Awards history, we will be honoring TWO distinctions within the Twitter Best Fandom category this year. That’s right, one vote will count as progress towards two honors!

  • Twitter Best Fandom Award: the winner for this category with the highest number of overall votes
  • Rising Fandom Achievement: an honorary distinction given to the highest growth in votes compared to 2018

There are no restrictions on how many times you can tweet during the two 24-hour periods. Best Fandom winners from the previous years – Super Junior and GOT7 – have sent in speeches and support messages with their trophies to thank their fans. Let’s show them we can do it again!

Please note that only votes that use the corresponding hashtags (#Team_______ and #TwitterBestFandom) that are tweeted during those two periods mentioned will count. 

If you’re unsure what your group’s official hashtag is, please refer to this helpful doc~ May the best fandom win!


Q: Is there a limit to how many times we can tweet?
NO, feel free to Tweet as much as possible during those two periods.

Q: Do Retweets count?
YES, Retweets technically count as a new Tweet, so it counts! Soompi will be Tweeting personalized graphics to encourage fans to Retweet, so keep any eye out for those!

Q: Can we use different variations of the group names in the hashtag? i.e. #TeamBTS and #Team방탄소년단?
NO, we are only tracking the official hashtags that we determined through this google sheet, so please use this~

Q: Can I include photos/gifs/etc in the tweet?
YES, as long as you have the hashtag in your tweet, anything counts, so feel free to use them as you please!

Q: Can I add the awards hashtags to other hashtags we’re using?
YES, as long as the specified hashtags are included, you can include anything else in your Tweet and it will count as a vote.

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