Yeon Woo Jin Revealed To Have Sustained Injury While Filming For “Queen For 7 Days”

On June 20, during a press conference for “Queen for 7 Days,” actor Yeon Woo Jin revealed how he sustained an injury to his eye while filming for the drama.

At the press conference, the actor explained that a blood vessel had popped in his right eye, which was why it appeared bright red during the press conference. He sustained the injury while filming an action scene late at night for the KBS2 historical drama “Queen for 7 Days.” Co-star Park Min  Young explained, “We were shooting an action scene at night and we weren’t perfectly in sync so Yeon Woo Jin fell while filming, and hit his head on my foot.”

Yeon Woo Jin continued, “Park Min Young started first aid right away, which I was really thankful for. I feel like I was able to return to filming the very next day because of her quick actions.”

Yeon Woo Jin said reassuringly, “It’s not a major injury. I don’t think it’s anything to be worried about.”

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