HALO Teases “Here I Am” Comeback With Track List and Special Videos

Boy group HALO is ready to show a new image to their fans!

Ahead of their July comeback, HALO has released six special clips that each focuses on one member (#1 Dino, #2 Inhaeng, #3 Jaeyong, #4 Ooon, #5 Yoondong, #6 Heecheon). The videos come together like a romantic movie, showing the various charms of the members in an office setting, from cute to tsundere. Check out the videos below.

HALO has also released the album cover image and the track list for the album, which contains five songs, including the title track (track no.1) “Here I Am.”

HALO will be releasing their third mini album, “Here I Am,” at noon KST, July 6.