Kim Soo Hyun Candidly Talks About His Bed Scene With Sulli

Actor Kim Soo Hyun sat down for an interview to talk about his upcoming film “Real,” which has been garnering a lot of hype these days.

During the interview, he shared what it was like to film a bed scene with Sulli. “Because nudity was involved in this scene, we had a lot of things to worry about. When we started filming the scene, Sulli and I couldn’t say our lines because we were so busy sucking in our stomachs and holding our breaths. Since our stomach muscles were all tensed up, our voices came out like a mosquito’s and we ended up causing a lot of bloopers,” he revealed.

When asked why he decided to star in such an explicit movie, Kim Soo Hyun responded, “It was really burdensome, but at the same time, I had an overwhelming desire [to be in it]. The film does have a lot of [mature content], but I couldn’t imagine any other actor playing the role of Jang Tae Young.”

“Real” will be released in theaters on June 28.

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