Kim Soo Hyun Reveals What He Thinks Makes Him Charming

Actor Kim Soo Hyun talked candidly about what he thinks his charms are on the June 27 broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s “Lee Hong Ki’s Kiss the Radio.”

During the broadcast, Lee Hong Ki complimented Kim Soo Hyun, saying, “You have a nice voice.” Kim Soo Hyun said shyly and humbly, “It’s not always nice. It’s sometimes okay.”

Lee Hong Ki then asked him, “What are you most confident about out of face, voice, and your acting skills?” Kim Soo Hyun answered, “I think, very honestly, my charm is that I am not the best at any of the three things you mentioned. However, because I’m not the best at any of them, the combination of those three things makes for something charming.” He then added, “It’s the balance that’s important.”

Do you agree with Kim Soo Hyun?

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