Kim Soo Hyun’s Agency Clarifies Reason For Actor’s Tears At VIP Screening Of Film “Real”

Yesterday, on June 27, actor Kim Soo Hyun, along with the rest of the movie’s cast, attended the VIP screening of their film “Real.” At the event, Kim Soo Hyun teared up during his introduction, which caused quite a bit of buzz afterwards as many believed it was because of the hardships he faced while filming of the movie was taking place.

On June 28, a source from Kim Soo Hyun’s management agency, KeyEast, clarified that the reason for Kim Soo Hyun’s tears were not because of the specific hardships many were referring to but because of seeing the production staff members that attended the screening.

The source stated, “Representatives from agencies as well as production staff members were among the attendees of the event. Upon seeing the youngest staff member from “Real” sitting in the front row, Kim Soo Hyun suddenly remembered how tough filming was at the time and was momentarily overcome with emotion.”

In the video, Kim Soo Hyun can be seen holding back tears midway through his introduction. An audience member shouts “Chwa,” which is something that is shouted on MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” as a way of encouraging others and oneself, and breaks the tension as this gives Kim Soo Hyun a moment to gather himself.

Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun recently talked candidly about his bed scene with Sulli and thanked his close friends IU and Suzy for making cameo appearances in “Real.”

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