Kim Soo Hyun Explains What He Would Do If He Were Asked To Join “Infinite Challenge” As A Fixed Member

At an interview about his new movie “Real” on June 29, Kim Soo Hyun received an unexpected question about MBC’s “Infinite Challenge.”

He had recently made two guest appearances on the show to have a bowling match with the cast members. Referring to this, a reporter asked if he would accept an offer to join the show as a fixed member.

Kim Soo Hyun responded, “I think it would be an inconvenience if I left in the middle of the show to fulfill my military duties like Kwanghee, so I’ll respectfully reject the offer,” then added, “Before I enlist, I want to do at least one more drama or movie, but not a variety show.”

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Meanwhile, “Real” is an action noir film about two men and their great secret surrounding Asia’s biggest casino. The movie premiered in South Korean theaters on June 28.

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