Yoo Seon Ho Discusses His Proudest Moments, His Love For PENTAGON’s Hui, And Missing Lai Guan Lin

Cube Entertainment’s Yoo Seon Ho was recently asked if he’s sad that fellow labelmate Lai Guan Lin will be making his debut first, and he had a bright smile on his face as he gave the perfect response.

“I’m a little lonely because Lai Guan Lin isn’t by my side anymore after we spent so much time together, but I’m just focusing on working hard and improving myself. I told him to stay on his toes because when he returns from being a member of Wanna One, I’m going to be better than him.”

Though he first appeared on the show with a goal to reach the top 50 as he was a “baby chick trainee,” his skills skyrocketed and he ended the show in 17th place.

The trainee said, “At first, I didn’t know how to look at the camera properly, and when we were rehearsing ‘Pick Me,’ the song and dance were so difficult that I thought about just going home. But being on the show, my dancing has improved a lot, and I learned how to learn new songs quickly.”

When asked what his hardest but proudest moment on the show was, Yoo Seon Ho picked performing “Open Up” and explained, “I had already spent a week practicing ‘Never,’ but I got moved to ‘Open Up’ and had to start from scratch. That was really hard for me and I thought about giving up and going home. But Kang Daniel, Kang Dong Ho, and Takada Kenta helped me out a lot with the choreography, and our group ended up getting the most votes. I was so proud of that.”

However, Yoo Seon Ho revealed that the song he really had his eye on was “Never,” which was written by PENTAGON’s Hui, who is also in Cube Entertainment. The trainee said, “I’m sorry to Divine Channel (composer of ‘Open Up’) for saying this, but I really liked ‘Never.’ Hui is a genius composer. I really like him so I follow after him wherever he goes. He’s my role model. PENTAGON gave me and Lai Guan Lin a lot of support while we were on the show.”

Wanna One will be making their debut in August and many other “Produce 101 Season 2” trainees are busy preparing for debuts and comebacks. But Yoo Seon Ho isn’t worried and emphasized that he doesn’t want to rush.

He ended his interview by saying, “I want to thank the nation’s producers who supported me. I want to have grown and matured more before I greet everyone again. When that time comes, I want to show them more of who I am through things like variety shows and acting opportunities. Please wait for me.”

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