20 Moments In “Suspicious Partner” That Made Us Swoon, Gasp, Laugh, Or Fist Pump

Suspicious Partner” is just chock full of memorable moments. Whether it was because of the adorableness between leads, or the twists and turns, or the completely relatable characters, there were so many moments in the show that made us swoon and melt.

In fact, narrowing all of the moments down to this list was quite a difficult feat. So let’s take a trip down memory lane before the show ends, visit the most memorable moments so far, and remember why we’ve fallen in love with this drama and its beautiful characters.

Warning: spoilers ahead! Like seriously, take the nearest exit if you haven’t caught up to episode 28, but remember to come back when you do! Everyone else, let’s dive in!

1. When we knew we had a strong female lead

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) trips and falls when she confronts her cheating boyfriend Jang Hee Joon (2PM’s Chansung). But she doesn’t stay on the floor or break out in tears immediately like a lot of other female leads. Instead, she stands up, dusts herself off, and takes a breath before limping off. We knew right then that we had a female lead that we could get behind!

2. When this absolutely relatable moment happened:

Noh Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) leans over to carry Bong Hee off in princess style, and Bong Hee’s face absolutely lights up in the biggest smile. However, Ji Wook just as quickly realizes he won’t be able to carry her and decides to piggyback her instead.

3. When Ji Wook became the man of our dreams

Ji Wook notices Bong Hee lurking around and guesses that she was hungry. He asks her if he should prepare something for her to eat, and then goes on to fry some dumplings. A man who will just whip up something for me when I’m hungry – where can I find one??

4. When being a “hostage” was a desirable situation to be in

Bong Hee is absolutely thrilled and overjoyed over being upgraded from mere “mankind” to “hostage,” as per Ji Wook. Never before has “hostage” been a more swoon-worthy word.

5. When you remember you’re watching a different Ji Chang Wook drama

When Ji Wook and Eun Hyuk get into a scuffle with some high school delinquents, I was half expecting his “Healer” or “K2” characteristics to awaken and kick some butt. But instead, he ends up fighting with flailing arms, hair pulling, and biting.

6. When Ji Wook cemented himself as the man of our dreams

Ji Wook is able to identify that there was something wrong with Bong Hee after only a few short exchanges, and quickly asks her about it. When she says she doesn’t want to talk about it, he doesn’t push her.

7. When Bong Hee said this line:

“Right now my body is filled with tears.”

Bong Hee is portrayed as a strong, go-getter type female, but she isn’t afraid to show her vulnerable side. And frankly, we’ve all had this type of day before, haven’t we?

8. When they had their first kiss

Bong Hee nearly gets into trouble, and they get into a little bit of an argument. But Bong Hee later realizes Ji Wook’s temper comes out of a place of concern for her, and the ice melts between the two. Ji Wook moves in to hug her, and follows it with their first kiss. The music stops for a few seconds during that kiss, and you can literally hear your heart thumping and fans squealing across the globe. Bong Hee continues to daydream about the kiss later on, and frankly, who wouldn’t?

9. When Ji Wook said he’s willing to wait

Bong Hee tells Ji Wook that she’s given up on liking him, and Ji Wook answers that he’s willing to stay where he is right now and wait for her. He walks away, but returns to grab the mug he left behind, and when doing so, he leans in reaally close, making her jump in the process. Ji Wook sure knows what he’s doing!

10. When Ji Wook did aegyo

Bong Hee tells Ji Wook that she doesn’t intend to reciprocate his feelings, and he uses some awkward aegyo (acting cute) to try to melt her. I’m still deciding whether I’m swooning or laughing there!

11. When Ji Wook became jealous

All the men at the office pay a great deal of attention to Bong Hee, being especially nice to her. Ji Wook, getting jealous, walks over to her desk to give her advice on what she is doing. He gets reaally up close and personal while doing so, again knowing that she would be ruffled by the close proximity.

12. When Eun Hyuk is shut down by Ji Wook

Ji Wook cooks a meal for everyone and says that he hopes everyone enjoys the meal. Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) replies that everything is good, but he doesn’t eat bulgolgi (stir-fried beef). Ji Wook then impatiently retorts that he doesn’t need to eat it, resulting in a super adorable pout from Eun Hyuk.

13. When Ji Wook cemented himself as the man of our dreams, part 2

Eun Bong is in “the zone,” which means she probably hasn’t showered for awhile, and (among other less attractive features) sports wild, messed up hair. Even so, Ji Wook is proud of what she’s uncovered, and pulls her in for a big hug, repeating his words from years ago, “You’re dirty but you’re pretty.” And isn’t that what we want from our significant others? To still hold us even at our lowest dirtiest!

14. When Bong Hee broke down

When Ji Wook sees a client of his die right in front of his eyes, he rushes over to Bong Hee and pleads that she likes him back, as he realizes life is too short. Bong Hee, seeing his sincerity, breaks down in tears; as she cries, you can see her walls coming down and all the pent up anxiety and feelings of being wronged chip away and dissolve. You can really only be so raw and vulnerable in front of someone you trust, and we saw that Ji Wook was that kind of person to Bong Hee.

15. When Ji Wook told Bong Hee it’s not her fault

Bong Hee feels betrayed by Ji Wook after finding out that he’s been keeping secrets from her, and wants to push him away. She tells him to stop confessing to her. He asks her why a bad guy like Hyun Soo should get between them, and correctly guesses that she blames herself for what is happening. He assures her that none of it is her fault, and goes on to say, “I want to do this together.” The maturity with which these two approach their relationship is really refreshing!

16. When Mr. Bang got stabbed

I’m sure all of us here love Mr. Bang, and when the scene went down, our hearts were in our throats, fearing for his life. And when he slumped to the floor, we were screaming, “Nooooooo!”

Ji Wook is overcome with grief and panic when he finds Mr. Bang’s body still and lifeless, and it is an absolutely heartbreaking scene to watch.

17. When Hyun Soo chillingly taunts Ji Wook

Ji Wook and Hyun Soo meet each other, and Hyun Soo starts admitting to every crime he’s done. Hyun Soo alternates between taunting him, baiting him, and laughing at how Ji Wook had passionately defended him before, and we can’t help but get chills down our spine.

18. When Bong Hee tried out new names for Ji Wook

Ji Wook wants Bong Hee to call him something other than by his work title, but starts laughing when she calls him “Darling.” She feels affronted and so he replies with a little aegyo (acting cute) of his own. Before we can even recover from this adorableness, we get treated to a scene of her sleeping on his lap with him caressing her hair, followed by a cut of them spooning on the couch, with his arms wrapped tightly around her!

19. When the two rivaling mothers finally realize who their children are dating

Bong Hee’s mom and Ji Wook’s mom have their own little cat and mouse relationship going on throughout the show, which is quite entertaining to watch. And while they come close a few times, they finally realize that their children are dating each other, which is immediately followed by Ji Wook officially introducing Bong Hee as his girlfriend to the two moms. The icing on the cake to this scene is Eun Hyuk and Mr. Bang’s over-the-top, “surprised” reaction at the confession.

20. When we witnessed “the morning after”

After coming home from the laundromat, Ji Wook and Bong Hee give in to each other and sleep together. It cuts away to the morning after, where Bong Hee is enveloped in Ji Wook’s arms, and he kisses her first on her head, then places another on her bare shoulder (cue the screams and fainting spells).

Bonus: When Bong Hee’s mom worked at Papa John’s instead of Subway

Because we all know that Subway (probably) almost happened again!

Do you agree with the list? What other memorable moments have we left out? Let us know in the comments below!

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