Here’s How To Watch Soompi And ZANYTV’s New Original Variety “UP10TION, Please”

Don’t know UP10TION yet? Don’t worry!

As you may already know, Soompi and ZANYTV are partnering for a new original show with UP10TION! (We guarantee you’ll be a fan by the end of the show.)

From July 12 to August 9, tune in every Wednesday at 7PM PST on Created By Viki and ZANYTV to watch them fulfill all of your wishes. We don’t want to spoil too much, but the first episode features a “Twitter Decides My Day” challenge… with a toast kiss.

Here’s how you can watch the series:

A new episode will be made available every Wednesday on CREATED by Viki, so please sure to “follow” the Viki channel or visit CREATED by Viki to get the newest updates!

Our production partner, ZANYBROS, will be broadcasting the series on the ZANYTV Youtube channel, so be sure to give them some love by subscribing!

Excited for the release? Here’s a little treat to show you what you’re missing! Check it out below: