Kang Dong Won Displays Down-To-Earth Charm At Busking Event In New York City

Actor Kang Dong Won was recently spotted in New York City enjoying a street busking event.

On July 14, one netizen posted a video of Kang Dong Won watching street performers. In the video, the actor is called over by the performers, to which he complies and walks up to them.

The video then shows the performers and Kang Dong Won in conversation and, afterwards, Kang Dong Won pulls out his wallet and hands them a few bills. The actor walks away chuckling while scratching his head, as if he’s confused about what just happened.

Netizens who saw the video jokingly commented, “They got to him, they got him,” and, “Even in a video like this you can tell that it’s for sure Kang Dong Won.”

The actor is currently in New York for the “2017 New York Asian Film Festival.”

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