QUIZ: 24K Answers Your Burning Questions So You Can Find Your Soulmate

24K recently made a comeback with the hit “ONLY YOU” and we were lucky enough to host a special #Ask24K event on our Spanish and English Twitter accounts in conjunction with our partners at ZANY TV!

This was our first opportunity to chat with 24K, and we were super honored to be able to connect fans with the group and collect the interview questions through our #Ask24K event. Of course we also had to take their answers and create our signature “Soulmate Challenge” quiz! They were super fun and divulged some hilarious secrets – such as: a passion for “Doctor Who,” new definitions of humanity, and obsessions with fellow members (or just with Jeunguk).

Now, you know the drill – take the quiz, tweet @Soompi with your results using the hashtag #SoulmateChallenge, and then watch the full interview video to find out who said what!  As an added bonus, you can also scroll to the bottom of the article for more great content that ZANY TV created while 24K was in their studio.

Are you ready to discover your 24K member destiny? Then:


The quiz is temporarily unavailable, but will be back shortly! Check our Twitter and Facebook for updates.

And now that you have found your soulmate, Tweet us your results with the #SoulmateChallenge, and you may:


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Special thanks to ZANY TV for hooking us up with the opportunity to work with this talented (and hilarious) group!