“Idol School” Reveals Rankings For 2nd Episode And Announces Plans For First Eliminations

“Idol School” aired its second episode on July 20, and the results of viewer voting have been announced!

The reality show is aimed at training female contestants in the skills required to be an idol, and nine of the “students” will be selected to make their debut in a girl group.

In addition to their usual dance and vocal training, in this week’s episode the students also took lessons in dancing sharply in perfect sync, as well getting used to the camera, and teamwork. They also filmed a promotional video for the song “Pretty,” and Solbi appeared as a special guest teacher to give advice.

There are currently 40 students taking part in the show (with one contestant having to withdraw due to health issues). During the episode, it was announced that in two weeks, the bottom eight contestants in the rankings will be eliminated.

As with last week, the results of online and live voting were announced during the episode, with 90 percent of the rankings determined by live votes.

This week’s top nine is:

1. Song Ha Young
2. Lee Hae In
3. Lee Chae Young
4. Park Ji Won
5. Natty
6. Baek Ji Heon
7. Jo Yoo Ri
8. Lee Sae Rom
9. Lee Na Kyung

The other students were ranked as follows:

10. Seo He Rin
11. Lee Seo Yeon
12. Yoo Ji Na
13. Bae Eun Young
14. Kim Eun Seo
15. Kim Eun Kyul
16. Choo Won Hee
17. Bin Ha Neul (Sky)
18. Park So Myeong
19. Lee Si An
20. Kim Myeong Ji
21. Park Sun
22. Noh Ji Sun
23. Shin Sia
24. Tasha
25. Jang Gyu Ri
26. Lee Yoo Jeong
27. Lee Yeong Yoo
28. Jo Yoo Bin
29. Jo Young Joo
30. Yoon Ji Woo
31. Kim Joo Hyun (Jenny)
32. Snowbaby
33. Michelle White
34. Lee Seul (Jessica Lee)
35. Yang Yeon Ji
36. Kim Na Yeon
37. Jeong So Mi
38. Lee Da Hee
39. Hong Si Woo
40. Jo Se Rim

“Idol School” airs on Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. KST on Mnet and tvN.

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