Lee Jong Suk Decides To Delay Enlistment

Lee Jong Suk has chosen to delay the August 10 enlistment date that he received in June.

YG Entertainment revealed, “Lee Jong Suk received his draft notice from the nation recently and was considering enlistment, but he decided to delay the timing because he also feels strong responsibility as the lead of an upcoming film and drama.”

The actor commented, “I feel apologetic because my enlistment is later than others that are my age, but I will work my hardest in fulfilling my military duty as a Korean man after I wrap up the work I have to do,” and added, “I will make sure to greet fans first when the time for my enlistment comes.”

YG Entertainment concluded the statement with, “We ask for your understanding with an open mind until that time, and we would be thankful for your support so Lee Jong Suk can meet everyone with great projects through the time he has left.”

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