QUIZ: Can You Guess The Girls' Generation MV From A Single Screenshot?

Girls’ Generation is undoubtedly a veteran in the K-pop world. The group enjoys immense popularity both in South Korea and overseas, and has numerous awards and chart topping hits under their belt.

And in the 10 years that they’ve been active, they have released many gorgeous music videos that are not just due to the beauty of the girls themselves, but also due to the cinematography and the concepts. We have seen the members in a variety of concepts such as James-Bond-esque sequences, fairy tales, retro, hip hop, classic, ’80s, psychedelic, festive, etc. And they rock all of them!

So, let’s see how well you know your Girls’ Generation music videos. And because these music videos are just so darn popular, we tried to make it challenging by choosing the most nondescript images possible (*cackles maniacally*).

Good luck!

The quiz is temporarily unavailable, but will be back shortly! Check our Twitter and Facebook for updates.

Also check out Girls’ Generation’s MVs for “Holiday” and “All Night” below:

Hey Soompiers, how well did you do on the quiz? And which Girls’ Generation MV do you love the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Belinda_C loves Shinhwa. She is also looking forward to Girls’ Generation making their rounds on variety shows. They’ll definitely be a hoot! Get it? Hoot? *chuckles*

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