Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Teases Lee Kwang Soo About Their Love Line In “Running Man”

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri took a stab straight into Lee Kwang Soo’s heart on the August 13 episode of SBS’s “Running Man.”

As Yuri was appearing on the show as part of Girl’s Generation’s 10-year anniversary activities, Lee Kwang Soo noted that seeing her now made him think of when she came on “Running Man” during the show’s early days. Kim Jong Kook interceded that Yuri had shaken up Lee Kwang Soo’s heart during that time.

“We had a love line,” noted Lee Kwang Soo with a far-off expression.

However, the nostalgic reminiscing brought something else to Yuri’s mind: “Have you been here for that long?” Yuri asked bluntly, causing the cast members to erupt with laughter.

Lee Kwang Soo answered with a straight face, “Yeah, I’ve lived a long time,” which again left the cast in stitches.

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