14 Visually Aesthetic K-Pop Music Videos That’ll Soothe Your Soul

In K-pop, we are always blessed with a spectrum of different types of music videos. From the angsty story lines to some fun dancing to the heavy symbolism, K-pop has got it all! In more recent years, there’s been a steady trend towards more aesthetic-type music videos. Although there are so many good ones, here is a list of 14 K-pop music videos that are aesthetic AF! (In no particular order).

BTS – “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”

BTS is known for their knife-like choreo and their super aesthetic music videos. Are you as excited for their comeback as we are? Will Big Hit finally give us some answers? Just a few more weeks of waiting to go!

VIXX – “Shangri-La”

While the Concept Kings have many great music videos, the aesthetics are just poppin’ with this one.

Taeyeon – “Why”

Getting total summer vibes from this video! Summer, don’t end so soon~

IU – “Palette”

The throwbacks to her older songs and concepts are just so nostalgic!

Lee Hi – “Breathe”

Absolutely gorgeous! “Breathe” is such a soothing song, and the aesthetics of the music video just amplify that quality.

Block B’s Zico – “She’s a Baby”

The solid colors and the sets in the music video give off wonderfully minimalist vibes.

Kisum (feat. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa) – “Love Talk”

Someone please tell us what filter they used in this music video. It’s just too pretty!

Baek Yerin – “Across the Universe”

This music video is so calming and relaxing, and its simplicity and muted colors really make it visually charming.

SEENROOT – “Sweet Heart”

The music video is just as cute as the song!

Primary, Oh Hyuk (feat. Lim Kim) – “Gondry”

While it’s not quite fall or winter, this music video will definitely get you in the mood for the cooler seasons.

Baek A Yeon – “so-so”

The pastels featured in this music video go so well with Baek A Yeon’s pretty voice.

Red Velvet – “One of These Nights”

The story telling of this music video is done in a lovely way through various symbols, and the mysterious air supplements the melancholy feel of the song.

Wonder Girls – “Why So Lonely”

If only Wonder Girls could have a reunion soon! This music video has somewhat of a hipster, summer vibe to it that’s perfect for pool parties.

TWICE- “TT” (Japanese ver.)

While the Korean version for “TT” is very pretty to look at, TWICE’s Japanese version is just aesthetic through and through.

Hey Soompiers! Which music video is your favorite? Have more aesthetically pleasing videos to add? Tell us in the comments below!

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