Lee Jong Suk Confesses Honest Thoughts About His Acting

In the latest issue of “High Cut” magazine, actor Lee Jong Suk spoke about filming his newest movie “V.I.P” and reflected on his acting.

Lee Jong Suk shared, “I watch a lot of dramas I was on. But after a certain point, I could tell my growth stopped. After that point, it seemed [my acting was] systematic and technical through learned experience. I kept thinking ‘this is enough to express this’ or ‘people seemed to like it when I do this,’ so ‘V.I.P’ felt new.”

The actor showed new determination for his work by saying, “It was hard, but I did it without regrets so I’m ready to accept any criticism.”

The film “V.I.P” centers around the National Intelligence Service, the CIA, and an important figure from North Korea who becomes the suspect of a serial killer case. “V.I.P” is set to release on August 24.

Check out the photos of Lee Jong Suk from “High Cut” below!

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