Girls’ Generation Talks About Their Close Friendship

Girls’ Generation recently sat down for an interview with “Entertainment Weekly,” during which they talked about the secret to their longevity and their friendship.

The interview appears to have been filmed for their August 5 fan meeting “Holiday to Remember,” when the group celebrated their 10th anniversary with fans. Seohyun was unable to take part in the interview because she was filming for her drama.

When asked how it felt to be making a comeback as a group after two years, YoonA replied, “It’s really, really great. Also, reaching a 10th anniversary isn’t an easy thing to do, so I feel like it’s really cool.”

Taeyeon added, “When I’m promoting on my own, the waiting room is so quiet. It’s so quiet that I feel embarrassed to talk. So I really miss that, the members’ noisiness. There’s also this energy when we’re all together on stage. I think I need that. I really missed the members.”

The members were then asked what the secret to their longevity has been. Sooyoung has replied, “Smiling while we’re together means we don’t get stressed while we’re working. I think smiling as we work is the best thing.”

Yuri jumped in to joke, “And then fighting as soon as we get in the waiting room,” which cracked the others up.

When asked what they do when they’re not working, Sooyoung explained that since they live close together, they’ll meet up and eat together. Hyoyeon said that they’ll suggest they get together to have rice wine (makgeolli) when it’s raining out.

Yuri admitted, “We always celebrate our birthdays together. But since it means we have to meet up eight times, it’s a bit tiring,” earning another burst of laughter from her group mates.

Tiffany joked as everyone laughed, “I think Girls’ Generation’s secret is actually our honesty.”

Girls’ Generation recently made a comeback with their 10th anniversary album “Holiday Night,” featuring the title tracks “Holiday” and “All Night.” It was recently announced that their contracts have expired, with some members still in discussion about renewal.

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