Exclusive: PRISTIN Returns With A Fun, Confident Image At Comeback Showcase “SCHXXL OUT”

On August 23, Soompi attended PRISTIN’s comeback showcase for their second mini album ‘SCHXXL OUT.”

In the beginning of the showcase, PRISTIN entered the stage and cheerfully said their greeting, “Sound out, we are PRISTIN!” The members, dressed in white and green plaid outfits, smiled brightly as they did a variety of poses for the cameras.











Afterwards, the members performed their title track “WE LIKE,” an upbeat, fun, and confident track, which many of the members actively worked on in terms of songwriting and the lyrics.

During the interview portion, when asked what they did while preparing for their comeback, Nayoung replied, “We’ve been practicing, working out, and working on the songs for our second mini album.”

The members also had a chance to share their affections for their title track “WE LIKE.” Sungyeon explained, “‘WE LIKE’ shows our style and character the best. While we were working on the song, Roa and I watched the movie ‘Mean Girls’ in order to gain inspiration.

“We had a previous title track candidate for our comeback, but we thought our concept of ‘power and pretty’ worked better with ‘WE LIKE,’ so in the end we decided to go with this song as the title track.”

She also added, “Rather than receiving an arrangement, we participated throughout the whole [songwriting] process. Even for our title track, we had a system where all the members met and talked about the song to contribute ideas.”

Kyulkyung shared, “This song is our confidence. Whenever we sing this song, we become more confident.”

When asked to talk more about their mini album “SCHXXL OUT,” the girls revealed how this comeback was a playful concept about skipping school. Rena shared, “For ‘WEE WOO,’ we were confident while we were inside the school. For this concept, we thought about showing a confident image outside of the school. 

“To be honest, every student has dreamed about escaping the everyday frustrations of school. So while we are wearing uniforms, our concept is more like, ‘What would happen if we ran off from school?’ That’s why it’s called ‘SCHXXL OUT.'”

Nayoung concluded, “Whether it’s through skills or through music, we’d like to show just how much we’ve grown. We hope to be a group that people become more curious about.”

Check out the photos from the performances of their title track “WE LIKE” and their b-side track titled “ALOHA.”



Be sure to also check out their music video for “WE LIKE” below!

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