Lee Gikwang Talks About His New Album And Ambitions

Highlight member Lee Gikwang was featured in the September issue of Elle Magazine, where he talked about his solo album “One.”

Along with a stylish pictorial, the singer also opened up in an interview about his music and outlook on his career. Lee Gikwang was confident in his solo album, perhaps due to the amount of his input that was portrayed in the final product. He said, “My ideas were reflected in everything from the track list, album cover, to the music video. I can’t say I’m satisfied with everything, but it’s the album I tried my best in.”

Lee Gikwang also opened up about wanting to attempt new challenges rather than shy away from them. The singer said, “I want to try everything there is to try — it can be seen as being greedy. If I’m too scared to try and do nothing, that may be more regretful and dumb. If there are good projects and good opportunities, I want to endlessly bring out new parts of me.”

Recently, Lee Gikwang shared previews of his solo tracks. His solo album “One” will be released on September 4.

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