True All-Round Entertainers: Reasons Why We Love INFINITE

INFINITE – the boys with the looks, talent, and sense of humor. Having debuted in 2010 under Woollim Entertainment, they have been active in all sectors of the entertainment field, and have constantly entertained and impressed their fans over the past years.

And with their comeback on the horizon, what better time than now to remind ourselves why we love these boys! Even though there truly are infinite reasons to love INFINITE (sorry, I had to), I’ve tried to compact them into a digest-able list.

The members

The essence of INFINITE are the members themselves. They are talented, adorkable young men who are passionate about what they do, be it singing, acting, performing, or entertaining.

Grandpa Gyu

Kim Sunggyu, the leader of the group, is affectionately called “Grandpa Gyu” by his fans. He’s the oldest of the group and he gets tired easily, finds many things to be bothersome, and is often picked on by the rest of the group. BUT, underneath all that is a great leader, and those characteristics of his make him a gem to watch on variety shows. He is also known to take care of his hyungs and dongsaengs, which is probably why he is well-loved by those who have worked with him.

Innocent Dongwoo

Jang Dongwoo is the second oldest of the group, but he’s very innocent and even somewhat gullible, often believing the nonsense the rest of his members throw at him. He says what’s on his mind, even if it’s silly and weird. But as pure as he is, he also has a side of him that loves butts. Heck, he’s even a butt-connoisseur of some sorts. He’s also well-known for being a charismatic dancer and rapper, but did you know he can sing as well?

Okay, maybe not thaat innocent.


Nam Woohyun is the king of fan service. His fans refer to him as Nam-grease, because he can be seen constantly shooting hearts or saying sweet (and at times tacky) comments to his fans. Even when he’s not on camera, his hands will form a heart and sneak into frame. His dedication to being greasy has even earned him an entry into Urban Dictionary! Aside from being absolutely adorable, his voice is also just perfection, especially when he goes for those long high notes. In fact, his outing on “Immortal Song 2” in 2016 won him the most votes out of any idol singers. 

How can anyone be so adorable?!


Lee Sungyeol is a child. There is no two ways about it. He may even be more childish than the group’s actual maknae, and it’s hilarious to watch. There are many stories about our favorite choding (literally elementary school kid), like how he thinks he’ll be seen as an adult by drinking 10 cups of coffee. Or when he found a lizard and named it “Sunggyu.” Or how his fans send him coloring pencils and origami paper. How can anyone withstand the charm of someone who is so handsome and so silly at the same time?

Actual maknae giving in to Sungyeol


Speaking of people being handsome and silly at the same time. L is another perfect fit for this category. In fact, the difference is so great, that there’s a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing going on here, except it’s L vs. Myungsoo. L’s visuals and charisma can melt any cold heart, but the moment Myungsoo takes over, it’s just dorkiness all the way!

This is L.

This is Myungsoo.

This is L.

Aaaand this is Myungsoo. 

Lemon candy Sungjong

Lee Sungjong, the maknae of the group, has a dark past. A lemon-flavored dark past. Most INSPIRITS know of the origin story, and his members will probably never let him live it down. He also has a savage streak in him, probably stemming from his earnestness in doing his best. His over-eagerness often ends badly for him, but for his hyungs and for us viewers, it’s hilarious to watch!

Bravely taking on his hyungs.

Moments later, the hyungs strike back. (He also went out in public like this!)

Earnest Sungjong – 0 ; Variety Sungjong – 100

This wasn’t the only time he was whacked that day, either!

Super-synchronized dancing

It’s impossible to discuss INFINITE without talking about their super-synchronized dancing. This has been part of their branding since debut, and they’ve only gotten better at it since. Their famous “scorpion dance” comes to mind, but really, all of their dances are superbly on point!

Don’t mind us. We’re just doing the scorpion. In the hallway.

The commitment to girl group dances

For some reason, INFINITE is often linked with girl group dances, more so than other male idol groups. There are always a few members of idol groups who are familiar with girl group dances, but these boys take the cake! And while I can’t help but feel embarrassed while watching these videos, I just can’t seem to stop, either!

From the earlier days

This clip is amazing on so many levels!

Their variety sense

Anything with INFINITE is worth watching, whether they’re on shows like “Weekly Idol” and “Ask Me Anything,” or being on their own shows like “Showtime” or “Ranking King.” They aren’t afraid to let go of their idol images. The group as a whole has wonderful chemistry, and their different personalities and teamwork just gel together to bring us laughter. In fact, their run on “Showtime” is often considered to be one of the funnier entries.

Their independent ventures

Members of INFINITE have had various other activities outside of their group. Both Sunggyu and Woohyun, the main vocals of the group, have released solo albums (Sunggyu’s album “27” is still on my playlist). And while Woohyun has also acted in “Hi! School: Love On,” Sungyeol and L are the more established actors of the group. Both of them have new dramas that are either currently airing (“Love Returns”), or soon to air in 2018 (“Miss Hammurabi”). There are also members active in the theater scene and on the guest-rosters of variety shows. These boys are able to shine just as brightly by themselves as they do with their group, proving just how talented they really are.

And really, we can’t end an article about INFINITE without a shout-out to Hoya, the member who brought the killer dance moves, the charisma, and the sass. Even though he’s left the group, we wish him the best for his career, and that we might one day see all seven of them together again!

Who amongst INFINITE is your bias? And on a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you for their comeback? Drop your comments below and let us know!

Belinda_C is excited to see them make their variety rounds again, especially since they “won” the Daesang on “Weekly Idol”. She also loves Shinhwa.