“Radio Star” Criticized For Portraying Television Presenter Kim Saeng Min As A Miser

MBC’s variety show “Radio Star” is under fire for disrespecting Kim Saeng Min’s diligent way of life and painting him into a miser whose only aim is to gather money.

Kim Saeng Min is a television presenter who is known for his economical lifestyle. He previously gathered fans through his podcasts and recently made his entrance into the terrestrial TV channels with his show “Kim Saeng Min’s Receipt.” He appeared as a guest on the August 30 broadcast of “Radio Star” and explained his reasons for leading such a thrifty way of life and revealed some of the things he does to save up.

However, with MC Kim Gura at the head of everything, many of the MCs and guests began to criticize and make fun of his lifestyle. In the beginning, guest Jo Min Ki complimented Kim Saeng Min, saying, “I need that kind of lifestyle. Kim Saeng Min is mature.” At that, Kim Gura retorted, “Being a miser isn’t being mature. I looked at Kim Saeng Min’s script, and I thought, why does he act like this? Are we supposed to think of this behavior as mature?”

After the broadcast, many viewers criticized the show for disrespecting Kim Saeng Min, and some demanded that the producers and MCs apologize to him.

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