17 Times K-Pop Girl Groups Blew Us Away With Their Powerful Performances

Girl group performances can come in many flavors: some are cute, some dramatic, others sexy… and then there are those that are so power-filled that the group dominates the stage with intense attitude and hard-hitting choreography. It’s a concept that not every girl group dares to attempt, but those that pull it off have blessed us with some legendary performances that we can’t get enough of. Here are 17 times girl groups broke it down and showed us their inner badasses!


BLACKPINK has quickly become known for their intense songs and hype choreographies, and the hair-flipping, energy-exuding dance practice for “BOOMBAYAH” reigns as one of the girls’ strongest performances.

2. 4Minute

4Minute always pushed the boundaries of tough concepts, and they were at the height of their fierce image during their “Crazy” and “Hate” era. In this performance from KBS’s “Music Bank,” the girls’ badass outfits complement their bold moves for a performance that overflows with power. When a song starts with the line “I’m the female monster,” you know it’s about to be lit.

3. The Ark

The Ark disbanded before they even had a chance to shine — which is too bad, because not many girl groups can pull off a hard-hitting BTS choreography as flawlessly and forcefully as these ladies did. Check out their powerful “Boy In Luv” dance cover!

4. CLC

After initially trying out a couple of innocent and cute concepts, CLC surprised us all with their powerhouse image for “Hobgoblin.” The girls rock this daring concept and aggressive choreo (and outfits!) in their performance MV.

5. I.O.I

The ladies of I.O.I show off a commanding presence in “Whatta Man,” and this performance of the hit song exudes toughness. The key point of the dance is the girls flexing their biceps — how’s that for girl power?

6. Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation brought us a power anthem in “Catch Me If You Can,” and this “Music Core” comeback stage features the queens at their fiercest. Camo pants, crop tops, and neon gloves accentuate their moves. Can we borrow some of their confidence?


There’s no doubt that the girls of PRISTIN are multi-talented, and this dance cover by four of the members drips with a swag that we don’t often see in K-pop. They’re not afraid to get low, and they pull it off with a style that will leave you speechless.

8. DreamCatcher

For a relatively new group, DreamCatcher has proven that they have a flair for intense choreographies. They fearlessly tackle BIGBANG’s “Bang Bang Bang” in this dance practice, bringing as much energy to the song as the guys themselves!

9. Brown Eyed Girls

Sometimes all it takes is a little hip swaying to make for a subtly edgy performance that oozes with confidence, and that’s certainly the case with Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra.” There’s a reason this is one of the most iconic dances in K-pop.

10. Weki Meki

This stage from Weki Meki’s debut showcase is easily one of the most swag-filled performances on this list — an impressive feat, considering the group just recently debuted in August 2017. Here’s hoping we can look forward to these ladies bringing a new level of hype to the K-pop scene! Meanwhile, watch the girls break it down and drop it low:


TWICE is best known for their cute, cheerful concepts, but they flex their powerful side in this special dance performance, overflowing with confidence as they strut around the stage. Maybe we’ll see more fierce concepts from the girls in the future!

12. Bulldok

Bulldok’s debut song “Why Not” showcases a bold choreo that is unusual for girl group debuts, and the girls own it in this dance practice. They bring a unique brand of energy to their performance that will make you want to get up and dance!

13. Red Velvet

“Dumb Dumb” features one of the more powerful dances in Red Velvet’s rep, and this is especially true when they amp it up to twice the speed! Despite their laughter and the playful vibe of the song, the girls give off an undeniable strength — check out their performance on “Weekly Idol.”

14. After School

In perhaps the most unique performance on this list, the ladies of After School show a strong image with forceful choreo for… a tap dancing stage? Who knew tap dancing could be so hype? In any case, you haven’t seen K-pop like this:


SONAMOO wowed us with a tough image for their debut song “Deja Vu,” and their choreo was equally as intense. Watch them kill it with their moves in this dance practice:

16. 2NE1

One of the most powerful girl groups in K-pop, 2NE1 slayed the stage at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards with two of their most iconic songs: “Fire” and “I Am The Best.” Everything from Dara’s abs to Minzy’s splits and hair flips make this one of 2NE1’s strongest and most memorable performances ever.

17. Sun Hwa, G.NA, Ga In, Jiyeon, Fei, HyunA, Hyorin

What’s better than one K-pop girl group throwing down some fierce moves? Seven legendary K-pop queens teaming up for a power-filled Beyoncé cover that is nothing short of epic. Who run the world?

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