Watch: Lee Jong Suk And Yoon Kyun Sang Are Inseparable In Preview For “Three Meals A Day”

“Three Meals a Day” has released an adorable teaser video of Lee Jong Suk following his best friend Yoon Kyun Sang everywhere.

The preview shared at the end of the seventh episode of “Three Meals a Day” excited fans not only because Lee Jong Suk hardly ever appears on variety shows, but also because Yoon Kyun Sang and Lee Jong Suk’s bromance chemistry is definitely something to look forward to.

The preview is only a minute and a half long, but it’s enough to leave the viewers begging for more. In the video, Lee Jong Suk joins the seaside house with a big smile on his face and his hands full of food and snacks. He continues to linger around Yoon Kyun Sang all day, hugging him and holding hands. Lee Jong Suk proves to be a good worker when he does the dishes, but he also shows a bit of his clumsy side when he bumps his head against the wood right below the ceiling. Yoon Kyun Sang comes to care for him, asking him if he’s alright.

Yoon Kyun Sang is a big bro for Lee Jong Suk as well. He pats his head and volunteers to cook for him when Lee Jong Suk says he’s hungry. Lee Jong Suk even feeds him when Yoon Kyun Sang has his hands full. Their bromance chemistry is so real, it’s hard not to smile throughout the entire video!

The episode with Lee Jong Suk as the guest will air on September 23.

Watch the adorable preview below!