Lee Kwang Soo Serves Kim Jong Kook A Punch In Stills For This Week’s “Running Man”

Stills have been released for this week’s episode of SBS’s “Running Man,” previewing lots of laughs for the viewers.

As a continuation of last week’s episode, this week’s guests including Baek Ji Young, Solbi, Hwang Seung Eon, Lee Elijah, Sunmi, Lovelyz’s Kei, Sung Hoon, and Jo Se Ho are competing in a couples race. As a result of the race, Lee Kwang Soo earns the chance to hit Kim Jong Kook’s forehead. Kim Jong Kook, warning him, says, “You can do whatever you want.”Lee Kwang Soo, puts his hand on Kim Jong Kook’s face and gets ready to snap one finger back, when at the last second he changes his mind and punches him with his fist instead. This unexpected punch shocks everyone on set, especially Kim Jong Kook, which makes everyone laugh. Lee Kwang Soo immediately realizes what he did and profusely apologizes, but adds, “I feel like constipation that had piled up all this time has been relieved,” cracking everyone up once more.Will Lee Kwang Soo be safe from the wrath of Kim Jong Kook? Find out when this episode of “Running Man” airs on September 17 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

Watch the previous episode of “Running Man” below:

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