Update: TVXQ’s Changmin Drops MV Teaser For Upcoming Solo Track

Updated September 27 KST:

A music video teaser has been revealed for Changmin’s solo track “In A Different Life”, as well as a new teaser image!

Updated September 26 KST:

Following the release of Yunho’s “Drop” MV, Changmin has dropped the spoiler clip for his upcoming SM STATION solo track “In A Different Life”!

Check it out below!

Updated September 25 KST:

Another teaser for Yunho’s music video for upcoming his solo track, “Drop,” has been released!

Updated September 23 KST:

After revealing the first teaser for Yunho’s track, a music video teaser has now been unveiled for Changmin’s solo “In A Different Life”!

Check out the clip and more teaser photos below:

Updated September 22 KST:

SM STATION has shared a spoiler clip for Yunho’s “Drop”!

Updated September 21 KST:

TVXQ’s Yunho has dropped his first video teaser for his upcoming SM STATION solo track “Drop”!

Check out the clip and a new photo below:

Updated September 20 KST: 

SM STATION has released more teaser images of Yunho and Changmin!

Check out their images below:

Updated September 19 KST:

New teasers have been revealed for Yunho and Changmin’s upcoming SM STATION solo tracks!

Check out the clips for SM STATION below:

Original Article:

Teaser photos have been revealed for “TVXQ WEEK“!

On September 18, individual photos of Yunho and Changmin were released for their upcoming solo tracks.

Both members will be dropping solo tracks next week for SM STATION. Yunho’s “DROP” will be released on September 25 at 6 p.m. KST, while Changmin’s “In a Different Life” will be released on September 28 at 6 p.m. KST.

Check out their teaser images below!

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