Lee Gikwang Expresses Thanks And Gets Fans Even More Excited For Highlight’s Return

As he wraps up promotions for his solo mini album “ONE,” Highlight’s Lee Gikwang has posted on Instagram to thank fans and share a message about the group’s upcoming release.

“Thank you so much to our Light, who supported and loved my first solo album after eight years,” he wrote. “I had a great time and was really happy during promotions. I’ll repay you for everything with better music and performances.”

He added, “I’ll return soon as I’m working even harder now on preparing Highlight’s eighth anniversary album, which is due out on October 16. Please look forward to it a lot.”

“Thanks to you, I was really, really happy,” he wrote. “Have a great evening!”

Highlight first made their debut as BEAST on October 16 of 2009, and they will be returning on that date this year with an eighth anniversary mini album!