PENTAGON’s E’Dawn Talks About How He Became Friends With HyunA

PENTAGON member E’Dawn has shared some insights into how he became friends with HyunA!

On September 25, E’Dawn sat down for an interview on V Live with… himself! The interview was part of a series entitled “Me and Me,” where artists pretend to be interviewed by themselves.

When asked if it’s true that he really likes physical affection, E’Dawn shared that he has since he was a kid. “Did you really hug HyunA as soon as you saw her?” interviewer E’Dawn asked himself.

E’Dawn replied, “I said hello to her and hugged her, but she told me what she thought at the time later on. She said she was like, ‘Oh, what’s up with him?’”

“I was like that to all the staff,” he added. “She said she saw that and thought that I was flirting.”

When interviewer E’Dawn asked him how he became friends with HyunA, E’Dawn replied, “She’s very shy, but I am too. Maybe because she thought ‘He seems even more shy than me,’ she took really good care of me.”

“Now that we’re comfortable with each other, I think our personalities are a good match,” he added.

E’Dawn and HyunA are not only Cube Entertainment label mates and friends, they also promoted as the project group Triple H along with Hui earlier this year.

Watch E’Dawn’s interview here.