You Worth It, You Perfect: 9 Ways To Dress Like The Boys Of BTS

We might not have the money to buy Taehyung’s fancy Gucci shirts, and while there were some times when we had to question the members’ fashion choices, the boys of BTS definitely know how to dress to impress. There’s a lot we can learn from them, whether it’s their appearance on stage and award shows, their iconic airport outfits, or their everyday fashion.

Here are some simple tips to make your wardrobe more BTS-inspired!

“It’s your white t-shirt”

If there’s one thing BTS’s maknae taught us, it’s that you can never go wrong with a white t-shirt. While it’s not really necessary to own as many of them as Jungkook does, it doesn’t hurt to get one or two of these magical shirts.

Even his selfies are flawless if he’s wearing his favorite shirts!

Of bucket hats and bandanas

The boys are always keeping up with the latest trends, and all of them look pretty cute with these black bucket hats! If you don’t know where to get hats like these, just ask your dad, maybe he has one somewhere deep in his closet.

The hat is not the only thing they put on their heads, though… the bandanas make everyone sexier; Jin, Rap Monster, and Taehyung are no exception.

Just put it on your head!

If bucket hats are not really for you, the boys give you even more ideas to spice up your outfit! Look at Taehyung showing off his charisma with a tie on his head or him being the cutest person on earth with his adorable pink cap!

No such thing as too oversized!

The BTS members are obsessed with oversized sweatshirts and t-shirts, but Jin took it to the next level with this huge hoodie. He just looks so soft and even more adorable than usual with this outfit!

Black is the new black

If you ask Suga about it, he would probably say that black is the perfect color if you want to look cool at the airport.

He is not the only one who prefers all black outfits! Hobi looked incredibly hot in his leather jacket.

Stripe it up

A striped shirt or t-shirt makes every outfit more exciting, and Jimin always shows us how to wear these classics! Be it black and white or colorful, vertical or horizontal, stripes will never go out of style.

Chokers will never grow old

Chokers were one of the reasons we adored every chic and sexy BTS comeback (hello “Blood, Sweat and Tears”) and no matter what style, these accessories suited all the boys well.

The softest pink

Jin has proved to us many times that soft pink makes every handsome man even more charming. Thankfully, the others took no time to adjust to the pink mania of the eldest.

Turn your hip hop swag on

Don’t forget where BTS is coming from! You can never go wrong with hip hop inspired outfits. The boys still slay when it comes to their swaggy hip hop style.

Bonus: just own it!

The greatest secret about BTS’s fashion style is confidence! No matter what they are wearing, they are shining like the stars they are. Just be confident every day and you can make even the most interesting clothing choices work!

From “3 dollar” chains to silk pajamas, they make our hearts flutter every time!

Hey Soompiers, how have your fashion choices been influenced by BTS? Show us your favorite BTS outfit in the comments below!

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