GFRIEND’s Yuju, Samuel, Lee Gikwang, And More Take Part In “Fantastic Duo 2” Chuseok Special

On September 15, a source revealed, “‘Fantastic Duo 2”s Chuseok special will be one with many stars. Stars will challenge to be a part of the duo for other stars, as Yook Sungjae recently took on to be a part of a duo with Gummy.”

The Chuseok episode will feature Wheesung and Park Hyun Bin, who are of the same age being born in 1982. The two stars both head their own genres, with Wheesung known as a formidable R&B singer and Park Hyun Bin nicknamed the “prince of trot.”

The challengers include Highlight’s Lee Gikwang, who recently made a solo comeback, for Park Hyun Bin’s fantastic duo. Others include GFRIEND’s Yuju, Samuel, Lizzy, Teen Top’s Niel, Heo Kyung Hwan, and more.

Watch the latest episode of “Fantastic Duo” below!

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