“While You Were Sleeping” Hints At Suzy And Lee Jong Suk’s Changing Relationship With New Stills

SBS’s current Wednesday-Thursday drama “While You Were Sleeping” has released new stills featuring Suzy and Lee Jong Suk.

On September 28, the production staff released the latest stills showing the two main characters Jung Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk) and Nam Hong Joo (Suzy) meeting at a hospital. Their meeting in the hospital takes place after the car accident from the first episode, where Jae Chan intervenes in an event in order to save Hong Joo’s life from spiraling downward.

The images hint at a comical encounter, as Hong Joo recklessly approaches Jae Chan and surprises him while wearing a neck brace. She looks at him with a suspicious glare, and Jae Chan, who ends up on the floor, looks up at her with a bewildered expression on his face.

The production staff stated, “Through the events that happen in the first two episodes, Hong Joo and Jae Chan’s relationship will change. Beyond the stills that were revealed today, their changing relationship will be another enjoyable point to look out for in the drama.”

Meanwhile, catch the first episode of “While You Were Sleeping” exclusively on Viki!

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