Han Ye Seul Reveals How She And Jung Ryeo Won Reacted To Becoming Monday-Tuesday Drama Competitors

Han Ye Seul revealed that she doesn’t feel any pressure about competing with her close friend Jung Ryeo Won in the same drama time slot.

On September 29, a press conference was held for MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “20th Century Boy and Girl.” During the event, Han Ye Seul was asked about having her drama in the same time slot as Jung Ryeo Won. MBC’s “20th Century Boy and Girl” and KBS’s “Witch’s Court” (literal title) will both premiere on October 9 at 10 p.m. KST.

The actress said, “We were both surprised when we found out our dramas will be airing at the same time, and I think it will be an interesting experience for us. While we were talking about it, we promised to go on a trip together once our dramas end and the person who got higher ratings will have to cover the expenses.”

She continued to add with a smile, “We don’t really feel any pressure about competing against each other. We actually want to support each other. I really hope both our dramas do well. I hope this will be a good experience for both of us.”

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