Lee Jong Suk Is A Total Pro In Behind-The-Scenes Stills Of “While You Were Sleeping”

Behind-the-scene stills of Lee Jong Suk in “While You Were Sleeping” have been released.

On September 29, YG Entertainment released pictures of Lee Jong Suk filming SBS’s new drama “While You Were Sleeping.”

Despite the below zero weather early this year, Lee Jong Suk stayed warm on set as he focused on preparing for his performance. In the stills, he is wearing cute earmuffs and a thick padded jacket in front of the green gates at Hong Joo’s house.

He is also seen reading the script as he travels back and forth between Chuncheon and Seoul. The pictures of Lee Jong Suk monitoring his acting through video cameras offer a sneak peek into the hidden effort the actor puts into his works.

There is also another photo where he playfully makes a V sign as he looks into the camera, and one where he’s smiling brightly.

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In the past two episodes that aired on September 29, Jae Chan began to dream what will happen in the future following Hong Joo. He realizes the case he is on is related to his brother and asks for Hong Joo’s help, providing a dramatic ending for the latest episode.

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“While You Were Sleeping” has been receiving acclaim from viewers for its tight and suspenseful plot, movie-like quality, and excellent acting. It airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:00 p.m. KST.

Watch the first episode of “While You Were Sleeping” below!

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