PENTAGON Talks About Holiday Plans, Song Recommendations, And Their Wishes

PENTAGON took part in an interview where they spoke about spending Chuseok at broadcasting studios for the very first time, songs they recommend, thoughts on the nickname “genius producer,” and their hopes for their future.

Yeo One said, “We are planning to continue ‘Like This‘ promotions until the first week of October. We don’t have concrete plans yet, but we think we will be working hard. If we do get a break, I think it would be short enough to go and see our family.”

Chuseok is usually a time to be with family, but the members said they were happy to spend it differently this year. E’Dawn said, “I’m sad we can’t see our families during this Chuseok holiday, but since our fans are coming out to see us, we are more than happy. We are really happy we can spend Chuseok with our fans.”

When asked about a memorable Chuseok holiday during their trainee years, Kino answered that they don’t have any fun stories from previous Chuseoks, but once had a fun Halloween. He said, “During Halloween last year, we went to Itaewon and had a fun time. At the time, we had an underage member so we couldn’t drink, but went to a restaurant to eat foreign food and took photos with people wearing Halloween costumes.”

Korean families often make songpyeon (half moon-shaped rice cakes) together to celebrate the holiday. When the interviewer asked which member would be the best at making these rice cakes, the members chose Hui because of his resemblance to the food, skillful hands, and his nickname “grains.”

Chuseok is also a time when many will make the trek back to their hometowns, often away from the city. For the trip, Yeo One recommended people listen to “Like This,” “When I Was In Love,” and “It’s Over,” in addition to “Just Until Today” and “Cool Rap.” Hongseok recommended Yeo One’s “Let’s Go” as well.

On the topic of music, the interviewer commented that Hui seems embarrassed at being called a “genius producer.” Hui humbly responded, “I spoke about this in other interviews as well, but I really am not someone with that kind of skill. I was really lucky once or twice, as if gold fell out of the sky. I’m thankful that it created opportunities for many people to listen to PENTAGON’s music.”

As their hopes, Yeo One said he wants to keep showing more of PENTAGON and has a personal wish for Hui to be in the spotlight as a singer rather than just a producer. Jinho wished for all PENTAGON members to successfully complete promotions in good health without getting hurt.

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