Block B Potentially Hints At Comeback Through Chuseok Greetings

The Block B members sent their Chuseok greetings on October 4 through their agency Seven Seasons. In the photos revealed by their agency, the members held up their handwritten greetings. They also hinted at an upcoming comeback in their messages.

Park Kyung wrote, “Our Bees. Have a good Chuseok and see you soon.”

B-Bomb wrote, “I hope you spend a good Chuseok holiday with your family members. And eat lots of good food. Have a good one.”

Jaehyo wrote, “Have a great Chuseok holiday with your families and please be excited since we’ll be able to greet you guys very soon. See you soon.”

Zico wrote, “Dear Bees, have a special Chuseok. Let’s see each other soon.”

Taeil, adorably hanging from a coat hanger, wrote, “This Chuseok. Have a great holiday, see you all soon.”

U-Kwon wrote, “Enjoy a great Chuseok holiday, good food, and spend great time with your families. Dieting starts after Chuseok.”

P.O drew an adorable pig-bee and wrote, “Our Honey Bees. Enjoy your Chuseok, eat lots of food and let’s get fat together.”

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