QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Highlight?

Highlight is a rookie group that just debuted this year. Okay, that’s not entirely true either. They are an idol group formerly known as BEAST. Okay, well, it’s complicated.

This idol group has been through their share of trials and challenges, but they have certainly proved their dissenters wrong; they continuously come out on top. In their early years, they were often referred to by the media as a group of “recycled material,” referring to the fact that the members didn’t make the cut at other agencies or weren’t successful in their solo careers before ending up at Cube Entertainment and banding together as BEAST. Since then, they have churned out successful singles and won various awards. Even with Hyunseung leaving the group in 2016, or with the issue of not being able to promote under the name “BEAST,” these boys have shown us what true determination and passion looks like, as they have continued to forge ahead, choosing instead to create their own label and making music under the name “Highlight.” This October marks the 8th anniversary of their original debut, and I for one am looking forward to many more years from these wonderful and talented boys!

So in celebration of their forthcoming anniversary, here’s a quick to test how well you know BEAST/Highlight!

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How did you do in the quiz, Soompiers? And how long have you been in the fandom? Let us know in the comments below!

Belinda_C loves Highlight both for their variety appearances and their songs. She could literally listen to them on repeat all day! She also loves Shinhwa.