PENTAGON’s Hui Becomes Flustered As Yoo Seon Ho Showers Him With Compliments

Cube Entertainment trainee Yoo Seon Ho made a brief appearance on October 7 broadcast of “Hyenas on the Keyboard” (literal title), where he met up with PENTAGON’s Hui.

During this episode, Hui went to Cube Entertainment in order to use the music equipment in the studio. Unfortunately, the computer caused him much distress by lagging. Coincidentally, he ran into Yoo Seon Ho, and they begin to converse while waiting for the computer to reboot.

Yoo Seon Ho, known for being an avid fan of Hui, didn’t fail to show his love for his role model once again. Yoo Seon Ho complimented, “I heard your song. I think it’s great.”

Hui started to become flustered as he squirmed in his seat and played with the ripped holes in his jeans. He complained, “Why do you keep talking about me during interviews? I told you I’m not that kind of person.” Yoo Seon Ho replied, “Did you see the article? [I called you my] role model.” At that, Hui grew shy again, and his reaction caused Yoo Seon Ho to burst into laughter.

In addition, Hui played “Never” on the piano and sang along for Yoo Seon Ho, who really admires the song. Right before the song ended, Yoo Seon Ho chimed in, “Never,” and caused Hui to laugh at his cuteness. Before Yoo Seon Ho left, Hui promised, “What do you like to eat? I’ll buy it for you. Call me.”

Meanwhile, “Hyenas on the Keyboard” is a KBS pilot music variety show airing during Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving). It is a mix betwen a reality show and a documentary that follows the cast as they show how they produce music and give viewers a glimpse into their everyday lives.

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