17 Of The Best K-Pop Whistle Songs

It’s either going to put a smile on your face or it’s going to haunt you the whole day. Whistling can definitely make any song sound memorable and distinctive. K-pop artists know how to make use of this trick, and many of them have featured some kind of whistle in their songs. Whether it’s a classic hit from the early 2010s or a new bop from the latest trend setters, it’s easy to get addicted to jaunty whistling when it’s paired with a catchy melody.

Check out our list of some of the greatest whistle songs of K-pop!


Jungkook’s whistling opens the latest BTS single and the melody is bound to get stuck in your head for days. We don’t mind it at all, in fact it’s nice to see the boys trying out new ways to catch our attention. They succeeded, as always!

BLACKPINK – “Whistle”

BLACKPINK’s debut was a hot topic last year and we still want to “make’em whistle like a missile bomb, bomb!”

B.A.P – “Honeymoon”

B.A.P fans are spoiled with whistle songs, as the boys’ 2014 single “Where are you?” also featured some cheerful whistling. The whistled tune of their latest title track “Honeymoon” shows us just how great B.A.P is with every style and genre they decide to go for.

Trouble Maker – “Trouble Maker”

A whistled rendition of the song’s melody is what made this song one of the biggest bops of the past few years. It’s impossible to get the song (and the whistling) out of your head!

B1A4 – “Solo Day”

The joyful whistling and a catchy chorus makes it hard to believe “Solo Day” is actually a breakup song. Don’t worry, listening to this track and watching the music video will still put a smile on your face!

Shinhwa – “Sniper”

The first whistle sounds of “Sniper” give us all the spooky feels. The song could be perfect for a Halloween-themed K-pop party.

Brown Eyed Girls – “Kill Bill”

Inspired by Tarantino’s famous movie, Brown Eyed Girls were not afraid to use some whistle-like sounds to spice it up a little!

SEVENTEEN – “Smile Flower”

The boys of SEVENTEEN are no strangers to great whistle tunes, even “Swimming Fool” from their latest album had some whistling. In the case of “Smile Flower,” the soft whistling brings even more melancholy to the end of the beautiful song.

Girls’ Generation – “Party”

If you listen carefully, you can hear the cheerful whistling in the chorus of “Party” and it brings us just the perfect amount of summer feels!

24K – “Superfly”

It’s not every day we can listen to a whistle song with an epic beat drop, but that’s exactly what helps 24K to deliver a unique, high-quality party track.

Hello Venus – “Mysterious”

The first seconds of the song got us all hooked with the infectious whistling and it’s beautiful how quickly it turns into a club banger by the time it gets to the chorus.

CLC – “No Oh Oh”

The occasional whistles are the funkiest part of CLC’s 2016 single and their dance moves that imitate whistling are definitely beyond cute.

K.Will – “Please, don’t…”

The gentle whistles follow through the whole song, and it’s a beautiful ballad that is absolutely worth a listen.

LABOUM – “Hwi Hwi”

If you need a shot of instant happiness, the girls of LABOUM are a perfect choice! “Hwi Hwi” is guaranteed to put you in a good mood with its addictive whistling.

DAY6 – “I loved you”

Fans of DAY6 are having the time of their life with the bands’ monthly releases and the boys even put some sweet whistling into their September single “I loved You.” Don’t miss out on the cute music video, either!

SPICA – “Russian Roulette”

The crazy whistle-like sounds make the badass song even more rebellious. Just listen to the girls singing their heart out, their powerful vocals are no joke!

Gangkiz – “MAMA”

“MAMA” is one of catchiest whistle songs of K-pop, so our list wouldn’t be complete without it!

Which song is your favorite to whistle along to? Let us know in the comments below!

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