Lee Jong Suk And Suzy Share A Cute Moment During A Tense Scene In “While You Were Sleeping” Stills

The SBS drama “While You Were Sleeping” recently dropped stills of Lee Jong Suk and Suzy sharing a sweet moment together despite a tense situation.

“While You Were Sleeping” tells the story of a woman who can see the future in her dreams (Suzy) and a prosecutor who works to prevent the incidents in her dreams from happening (Lee Jong Suk).

In one still, Suzy looks determined, fire extinguisher in hand. However, she also appears to be trying to calm something or someone down. In another still, Lee Jong Suk’s character crouches beside Suzy, who is hiding in the bushes, and giving her a worried look.

According to the production staff, Suzy’s behavior with the fire extinguisher is related to her leave of absence from her former reporting job. In the preview for Episodes 9 and 10, it was revealed that she took her leave of absence after dreaming she would die while working as a reporter. Now she wants to return to her job, but it remains to be seen how the incident with the fire extinguisher relates to her leave of absence and whether she can return as planned.

A source from the drama stated that Episodes 9 and 10 will fully explain why and how Hong Joo (Suzy) took a leave of absence from her job.

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