Watch: JBJ Investigates Whether Noh Tae Hyun Is The Same Height As Ha Sung Woon

In a bonus clip from JBJ’s reality program “Just Be Joyful JBJ,” JBJ did a little investigating into the heights of HOTSHOT’s Noh Tae Hyun and Ha Sung Woon.

Although both are part of HOTSHOT, Ha Sung Woon is currently promoting with Wanna One and had his height measured on “Infinite Challenge.” Therefore Noh Tae Hyun, who will soon be promoting as part of project group JBJ, also had his height measured by his fellow members on “Just Be Joyful.”

In the clip, Kwon Hyun Bin opened a segment he titled “Let’s Measure Things With Kwon Hyun Bin.” He measured everything from random objects around the room, his members’ heights, as well as the lengths of his members’ body parts.

When it came to measuring Noh Tae Hyun’s height, the JBJ members were curious whether he was taller or shorter than Ha Sung Woon. According to Kwon Hyun Bin’s careful measurement, Noh Tae Hyun is 167.7 cm to Ha Sung Woon’s 167, making Noh Tae Hyun almost 1 cm taller.

Watch the video below!