The Many Different Faces Of Kim Soo Hyun We Will Miss While He Serves In The Army

Every K-entertainment fan knows that there are only two kinds of news that will break her fragile fangirl heart: confirmed dating news and army enlistment. Of course, there’s always light at the end of these tunnels; one, after you get over the fact that your oppa is really dating someone, you’ll feel genuinely happy for him. And secondly, you just have to wait two, long years until your fave guy finishes his mandatory service.

Everyone’s ultimate crush, Kim Soo Hyunofficially enlisted in the army on October 23, and we will definitely be missing one of Korea’s finest leads. From completely innocent to serious and brooding, Kim Soo Hyun can effortlessly turn 180 degrees when it comes to his characters and facial expressions. Because waiting is easier said than done, we rounded up some of his best faces for us to remember him by:

Young and innocent

Not many people remember that Kim Soo Hyun was a co-host in Mnet’s Boys and Girl’s Music Countdown with former KARA member Seungyeon. Even though he had a young face, his charisma was apparent, and he already had the makings of a star.

Playful MC for Mnet

Talented child actor

Kim Soo Hyun first started getting noticed in dramas when he played the young versions of the leads. He played the young character of Go Soo in “Will It Snow for Christmas?” which coincidentally also stars future heartthrob Song Joong Ki! Kim Soo Hyun was also part of the wildly successful period drama “Giant,” where he played the teen role of Park Sang Min. “Giant” also stars Yeo Jin Goo, who would later star as Kim Soo Hyun’s younger self in another period drama!

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Dream High” is arguably the drama that gave Kim Soo Hyun his breakout role as the naive country boy Song Sam Dong, who was a fish out of water when he enrolled in a music school in Seoul.

The singer and dancer

His endearing character in “Dream High” captured the hearts of many viewers, and even though he didn’t really have training in singing and dancing, he gracefully pulled it all off.

Wave dancing expert (kind of)

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Sweet and romantic

In “The Moon Embracing the Sun,” Kim Soo Hyun proved that he really is leading man material when he made everyone fall in love with him in his role as the king who couldn’t forget his first love. It’s also the start of his works with some of Korea’s biggest female actresses (the gorgeous Han Ga In played the queen).

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The charismatic model

With the success of his dramas, Kim Soo Hyun became the top choice of advertisers and brands to represent their products. I mean, who wouldn’t buy anything he sells? Everything he touches sells like pancakes: from pizza, camping wear, airline tickets, camera, skin care, basically any trending product in Korea!

Who can forget when he turned into a starstruck fanboy while modeling for an accessory line with Kaya Scodelario?

The village idiot

Kim Soo Hyun has this ability to delve deeply into a character, allowing viewers to temporarily forget his handsomeness. He played the “village idiot” in the movie “Secretly, Greatly,” where his character is actually a North Korean spy who disguises himself. Here he shows two opposite faces: silly and fierce.

Serious and stoic

As an alien who has lived hundreds of years, Do Min Joon has seen things, people, and places come and go. Which is why he tries to disassociate himself from everything and has become cold and indifferent. This character in “My Love From the Star” sealed Kim Soo Hyun’s status as one of the kings of hit dramas. Of course, it helped that his partner was Jun Ji Hyun, who he also starred with in the movie “The Thieves.”

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No man cries more beautifully than he does. He can do the subtle single tear falling down the side of his face to full-on painful cry-fest that still looks like a work of art.

Hopelessly in love

This is perhaps the kind of Kim Soo Hyun that every woman gets weak in the knees for. He can be naive, devoted, and in love like a puppy like his role in “Producer.”

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What will you miss most about Kim Soo Hyun?

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