Watch: NU’EST W Takes 2nd Win With “Where You At” On “Music Bank,” Performances By Taemin, BTOB, Highlight, And More

The October 20 episode of KBS2’s “Music Bank” had GOT7’s “You Are” and NU’EST W’s “Where You At” as contenders for first place. NU’EST W’s “Where You At” won with 7,153 points making it their second music show win with their latest title track. Leader JR spoke on behalf of the team and thanked staff members, family members, and their fans.

Congratulations to NU’EST W!

Watch their win and performance below!

Today’s episode features performances from Taemin, NU’EST W, DIA, UP10TION, Bolbbalgan4, JBJ, MASC, SF9, APRIL, GOT7, RAINZ, BTOB, K.will, TRCNG, A.C.E, and more.

Watch performances below!

Taemin – “Love” and “Move”

GOT7 – “You Are”

Bolbbalgan4 – “Some”

Highlight – “Celebrate” and “Can Be Better”

DIA – “Good Night”

BTOB – “Blow Up” and “Missing You”

K.will – “Nonfiction”

JBJ – “Fantasy”

RAINZ – “Juliette”

APRIL – “Take My Hand”

UP10TION – “Going Crazy”

SF9 – “O Sole Mio”

TRCNG – “Spectrum”

DK (December) – “About Time”

MASC – “Do It”

A.C.E – “Callin'”

So Yu Mi – “Don’t Ask Me, Just Do It”

HBY (Hot Blood Youth) – “Vroom Vroom”

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