Watch: JBJ Takes To The Ice To Perform “Fantasy” And Hold Hilarious Sled Race

The members of JBJ definitely brought the laughs when they took to the ice for their reality show, “JustBeJoyful, JBJ.”

During the episode that aired on October 26, the six members of JBJ visited an ice rink for one of their activities. To warm up, they were first asked to hold a gala show and dance to their debut title track “Fantasy.” Though they were a little shaky, the members put on quite a great show, that you can watch below:

The highlight came when the members were divided into two groups of three and raced while riding various sleds. Kim Yong Guk was the first to decide, and he immediately went for the robot sled that all of them had their eyes on. The other members picked their own equipments in order, going from a trolley to a toy car to a traditional wooden sled.


Kim Yong Guk, Noh Tae Hyun, and Kim Sang Gyun battled against Kwon Hyun Bin, Takada Kenta, and Kim Dong Han to see who would win the race. Things were neck and neck until the last race, which was between Kim Yong Guk and Kwon Hyun Bin.

Kim Yong Guk looked confident sitting in his robot sled, and he shouted out loud in victory as he started up his machine, only to realize that it was the slowest sled out of all the options. The sled inched forward at a snail’s pace, and had everyone bursting out into laughter with Kenta even rolling on the floor laughing.

When he finally inched towards the finish line, with the help of a staff member pushing him from behind, Kim Yong Guk had to watch Kwon Hyun Bin easily take the victory. Though he may have lost the race, he definitely won the laughs and created the funniest moment of the episode.

Check out the hilarious race below!