10 Moments From Episodes 9 And 10 Of “While You Were Sleeping” That Slayed Us All

Can you believe that there have already been 10 episodes of SBS’s drama “While You Were Sleeping”? We’re well into the show, but it keeps giving us more and more awesome moments of laughter, emotion, and general epicness. Want to know which scenes from this week’s episodes truly slayed? Read on to find out!

Warning: spoilers for Episodes 9 and 10 below.

1. Hong Joo vs. netizens

We all know what it’s like to read anti-fans’ comments about our biases, and Hong Joo (Suzy) experiences this frustration when Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk) becomes the subject of netizen criticism.

We empathize.

On the other hand, it happens to be a netizen who sparks Hong Joo to figure out the missing piece in the puzzle to prove that Do Hak Young (Baek Sung Hyun) is innocent of murder — and in the most amusing way possible, thanks to this little dog:


2. Extreme dumpster-diving

Actually finding that missing puzzle piece — a robot vacuum — turns out to be a whole different challenge:

But our beloved reporters, prosecutors, and policemen all tackle the landfill together, collecting a surprising number of red robot vacuums in a heartwarming and hilarious display of teamwork. It doesn’t get much better than reporter Bong being hailed as a hero for emerging from the top of the trash heap with three little vacuums tucked under his arms.

Floral print pants are the latest in dumpster-diving couture.

Side note: how sweet is police officer Oh when he notices Woo Tak wistfully watching Hong Joo and Jae Chan hug?

3. Inspiring morality

Hong Joo and Jae Chan both face choices between doing the right thing and doing what’s best for their careers, and we were overjoyed when they both ultimately stood up for what is right. Jae Chan could have prosecuted the innocent Do Hak Young to save face in the eyes of the public…

But he refuses to compromise his morals just to take the easy way out. Hong Joo then stands up to her boss, doing her part to ensure that Jae Chan’s and Hak Young’s names are cleared.

Thanks to Jae Chan and Hong Joo’s combined efforts, everyone comes out with their reputations intact. They’re an unstoppable and inspiring team!

4. Justice for Hak Young

Hak Young was really hurt by all the unwarranted hate he received when he was a suspected murderer. So it is especially touching when Woo Tak (Jung Hae In) asks Hong Joo to give Hak Young the chance to tell the world his side of things.

Add emotional intelligence to the list of reasons why Woo Tak is perfect.

The resulting broadcast is moving and full of raw emotion. We’re glad Hak Young had the opportunity to show how he feels!

5. FINALLY figuring out the childhood connection

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Jae Chan puts two and two together and realizes that Hong Joo is none other than the “boy” he met at their fathers’ funerals all those years ago!

And despite Hong Joo’s brief attempts to fool Jae Chan into thinking she didn’t remember him from the past, they are able to greet each other as old friends, and all feels right in the world — for now, at least.

6. Seung Won taking a stand

When Jae Chan is slandered by the general public for not prosecuting Hak Young, Seung Won (Shin Jae Ha) suffers a lot of abuse from his classmates.

But when Jae Chan’s name is cleared and they’re suddenly all nice to him again, Seung Won is having none of it, and bravely shows his nasty classmates that he doesn’t need two-faced friends like them.

Yes, Seung Won!

7. Diva Hong Joo

Subtlety has never been Hong Joo’s strong suit, as she reminds us in the hilarious scene where she over-dramatically retrieves Hyang Mi’s (Park Jin Joo) scarf because Jae Chan accidentally hugged Hyang Mi instead of her.

We can’t tell what’s better: Hong Joo’s unnecessary showiness, or Jae Chan’s priceless reaction.

8. Jae Chan’s emotional appeal

When Jae Chan goes to speak to the man who shot him, he initially plans to lay out the facts and prove that he is in the right. But then he realizes how much pain the man is in over the loss of his daughter, and decides that rather than proving a point, it’s more important to connect with him and validate his emotions.

Tears. All of our tears.

9. Yoo Beom is going down

After 10 episodes, everyone at the prosecutor’s office is finally starting to realize how much of a sleazy sketchball Yoo Beom is. And he does himself no favors when he basically admits to having fabricated evidence in the past.


Yoo Beom’s lies are slowly coming down around him, and we’re loving every minute of it.

10. That last scene!

“While You Were Sleeping” one-ups your typical K-dramas by giving us not just one, but two different versions of the leading couple’s first passionate kiss: one dreamt and one real.

And it’s pretty darn perfect.

We got a happy ending this week, but there’s still a lot ahead of us! What’s in store for Hong Joo and Jae Chan now that they know about their past connection? Will they figure out why they have these dreams? And seriously, what is Woo Tak’s secret? Make sure to catch “While You Were Sleeping” on Rakuten Viki. Start watching here:

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